Arctic Windmill is a site about the environment, specifically about how global warming is affected the North Pole. From here, we list a number of blogs that talk about these issues - most of these are not our own blogs, but a few are. One of these is also my own blog. We hope that the site will serve as a starting point for the discussion of the very important issue of global warming. This is catastrophic issue for people everywhere.

There are two alarming points to be made about this: (1) the rate at which the temperature is rising around the globe is rising exponentially and there is no scientific formula about how much that exponent will change. What this means is that we really do not know how much the temperature rise will accelerate, that is, we have no clear idea how hot it will get and how soon. The second point is (2) that temperature fluctuations are not uniform around the globe. The oft-quoted estimates of how hot the temperature will rise in so many years mislead us to think this average is the same everywhere; it is not. Some places will become much hotter much faster than others. If one of these places happens to be the North Pole, we are in for drastic changes in weather, precipitation, and salinity that will in turn also affect temperatures.

In short, it's not a pretty picture. That said, I'm an optimist. I believe that humanity will eventually come to its senses and start working towards effective change. While Hollywood might make us think otherwise, there is no realistic other place we can go, no space stations ready to take millions, no terraformed Mars that we can easily reach, no benevolent alien visitors who will slow the temperature rise, nor any superheros who will save the world in the nick of time. We have one Earth and if we don't take care of it, we will all suffer bitterly.

It is this imperative that gives me hope: the inevitability of our shared future. I believe that we will put our heads together and solve this because ultimately we have to. This website is part of that effort. To raise awareness, to share ideas, and to collaborate on solutions. It is a complex problem that will require all disciplines, all backgrounds, and all nationalities to work together. I sincerely hope that this site can be a starting point for that great task, perhaps the greatest task we have ever faced on this planet.

Now if you don't accept that global warming is influenced by humans and steadfastly disagree with me on this scientific fact, then I only ask that you check back every once in a while to see if you still feel that way later. We'll keep doing what we believe we need to do. If you are one of those people who are on the fence, then this site is for you. My mother taught me that the people you want to convince are the people on the fence, not the people who already agree with you. Please stay and read on. If you are already in agreement, then by all means collaborate and share our site with others. Help us do that which we believe is a dire need today.

Thank you.